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Although your divorce may be finalized, not everything in your parenting plan or divorce decree is set in stone. As people’s lives and circumstances change, it is sometimes necessary to revise marriage dissolution terms.

If you are struggling to resolve items in your decree, an experienced Stamford post-divorce disputes lawyer can explain your legal options. Our divorce attorneys are committed to resolving your family law dispute in a way that best serves your needs.

Post-Divorce Disputes Heard in Stamford Family Court

Issues often arise after a divorce judgment is finalized. While former spouses can resolve some of them amicably, others may require legal action. Some common areas of disagreements include:

Additionally, if one party fails to fully disclose their financial circumstances during the divorce negotiations, the other party may have a post-dissolution claim for fraud or misrepresentation. When any of these legal matters arise, it is essential to address them quickly and thoroughly with the help of a practiced attorney.

Resolving Post-Divorce Disputes

There are generally three ways to address conflicts after a divorce. Selecting the best legal remedy depends on the nature of the dispute and the original divorce terms.


In some cases, former spouses can resolve their post-divorce disputes with the help of a mediator. Parties can select a neutral third party by agreement and allow that person to guide the discussions rather than negotiate between themselves. If the parties agree, a mediator can prepare a written settlement agreement and save the time and expense of protracted court litigation.


Sometimes a change in circumstances warrants modifying a divorce decree rather than enforcing its existing terms. For example, a former spouse’s job loss may necessitate revising child or spousal support. Similarly, a parental relocation may justify a change in child custody.

Under Connecticut law, a party must demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that there has been a material or substantial change in circumstances since the entry of the divorce decree to modify it. Additionally, the party seeking modification must prove that they did not know about the possible change before finalizing the initial marriage dissolution.

There is no strict deadline for addressing a post-marital conflict. Either party can bring a modification at any time after the final divorce. An attorney familiar with post-marital dispute resolution in Stamford can assess the case’s facts and determine whether a modification is warranted.

Contempt of Court

When one party fails to live up to the divorce terms, the other can ask a judge to hold the non-compliant party in contempt. A typical example of contemptuous behavior is a parent who deliberately refuses to pay child support but has the financial means to do so.

A judge will assess the claim and hold the offending party in contempt of court if the facts support it. Contempt charges are serious allegations, and a non-compliant party may face fines and incarceration if a judge determines they have willfully violated a divorce decree.

Regardless of the method of post-divorce dispute resolution, a capable lawyer can advise a party of their legal options and guide them through the Stamford court process.

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You may have expected that you would be free of conflict with your former spouse after your divorce. However, you may need to enforce or revise your marriage dissolution terms to reflect your current circumstances.

A knowledgeable Stamford post-divorce disputes lawyer will help you effectively address conflicts arising months or even years after your divorce. When you work with our respected legal team, you will have peace of mind knowing they will put your interests first when resolving your case. Schedule your consultation today to discuss your case.

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