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Dissolving a marriage can be an intense and emotionally complex endeavor. Divorcing couples commonly disagree on how to divide assets and debts or distribute spousal support. Many spouses find it useful to hire a mediator to help them come to a consensus on these divorce agreements in a timely fashion.

Retaining a dedicated divorce attorney can improve your chances of dissolving your marriage quickly and amicably. Before you attempt to handle these complex marital issues on your own, consider speaking with a Stamford mediation lawyer.

Benefits of Working with a Divorce Mediator

The most important quality a divorce mediator can have is neutrality. A mediation lawyer has no emotional ties to either party and will not choose a side in any disagreements. Instead, this neutral party can provide objective and fact-based advice on how a divorcing couple can resolve their issues in a mutually beneficial way.

Mediation sessions tend to lead to quicker resolutions because the process involves much less time spent in court. Additionally, hiring a mediator is often cheaper than pursuing divorce solely through litigation in cases where both parties stick with the mediation through the conclusion of their case.

Even if a single mediation session does not resolve every dispute between two parties, it can help identify which matters require more detailed discussion and which issues truly require litigation. A skilled mediation attorney can ensure that an imbalance of financial, emotional, or physical power does not hinder a couple from reaching equitable terms in a divorce.

Preparing for a Mediation Session

While mediators can be helpful to spouses seeking to smooth out points of contention in their divorce, there are some things a couple should do to prepare for a mediation session. Both parties must be ready to provide various forms of documentation that detail their financial status and day-to-day living costs. This ensures the time spent with the divorce mediator is used effectively.

Prior to mediation sessions, each spouse should gather documents such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank account statements, loan statements, credit card bills, and titles or deeds to real property. This will help the lawyer gain a better understanding of each party’s income level, earning potential, and debts.

It may also be important for spouses to consider everyday living expenses, such as household utilities, and grocery bills. If a couple has children, a local divorce mediation lawyer can help two parties discuss potential changes in childcare arrangements or health and life insurance policies.

Seek Help from a Stamford Mediation Attorney Today

Divorce mediation may not be able to resolve every issue you and your spouse disagree on, but it is an option worth considering. Obtaining a third-party divorce mediator to help navigate the terms of your dissolution agreement can save time, money, and energy spent on litigation.

You and your spouse could attempt to negotiate your divorce alone, but working with an experienced mediation law firm is key to dissolving your marriage effectively and efficiently. Schedule a consultation with a Stamford mediation lawyer today to find out how legal counsel can help you.

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